The Certification Behind Nlp Certification Courses

What is a NLP Certification Course and what does the certification mean. There is a couple of ways to deem yourself certified in NLP.

First though you need to understand that although there are many certification bodies. These NLP certification bodies are all made up and self regulated. There is no “official” legally or medically recognised regulatory Board for NLP.

There is the IINLPC which is the International Institute of NLP Coaching. Also the ABNLP which is the American Board of NLP. There is INLPTA which is the International NLP Trainers Association. There is the ANLP which is the Association of NLP. And many many more, mostly obscure examples.

All made up and usually made up by the main NLP figure head that either trains you or trained your trainer.

This is not a bad thing but it is predominantly an additional money making thing.

Is there really a need for it? What does it really do?

In short not a lot. With my many years of training under the umbrella of the ABNLP. There has never really been a benefit, for me or my students. That is why a created the IINLPC to manage more proactively the standards of my students.

A board does seem to give credibility to a training and I do use the words “seem to” because it is a bit of an illusion.

I have known trainers to be terrible with weak NLP knowledge and ability still be allowed to train under a given board. And certify ill equipped students under their name.

I have known of students to falsify their training certificates and register in a board at a higher level than they are qualified.

With these boards there seems to be little in the way of checking. Even although the claim to be the guardians of the NLP standards.

So what would represent true real world NLP certification courses?

The certificate given to you by the company you train with. Signed by and supported by the trainer that trained you.

NLP is all about expertise in application and utilisation. Being good and getting great results. There are coaches out there that just go about gathering certifications. the seem to care little about the expertise of the trainer or the quality of the training. They just want to know what certificate they get.

I have been coaching for over 12 years now and I don’t have any certificates up on my wall. And more importantly I have never once been asked by a prospect or client what certifications I do have. The reason for that is I am really good at what I do!

The minute I speak to a prospect I ask them things they have never been asked before. I listen and learn about them to the point that I can explain their problem to them better than they can. It resonates for them and they intrinsically know they are dealing with an expert. That is all they want! It doesn’t seem to enter their head to ask for a gold embossed meaningless (to them) piece of framed paper.

A true certification, is the certificate given to you by the person that trained you and is going to support you. That’s when you know that you have booked yourself on one of the better NLP Certification Courses.

Being good takes practice and the ongoing guidance of a Masterful Expert. Being able to draw directly form their wealth of experience. That support I can assure will not come form any of the self regulating bodies. Value the certification your training company gives you. And know they are an expert company with integrity, by their actions. Not by the made up board they may certify through.

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