Top Wedding Decoration Ideas

“Where do I start?” This is usually the first question that pops into the minds of brides-to-be when planning for their wedding decorations.

While it’s recommended that brides consult their wedding planners about details such as wedding decorations, it’s still best to already have an idea of what you really want.
Heres a list of the top wedding decoration ideas that you can draw inspiration from:

The rustic vibe is all about mixing country, vintage and ethereal vibes. There is no strict rule to it, but there are some elements that would make the decorations distinctly rustic. Think wood blocks, mason jars and twines, and earthy tones adorned with subtle flowers that could create a farm-to-table feel.

A rustic wedding theme is still hot these days, and for valid reasons. It’s among the easiest to pull off. This style is recommended especially for those who want to work on a budget because most of the elements in a rustic design can be easily borrowed or up-cycled.


If youre more inclined to the classic and more formal decorations, then a romantic themed hall would be a fit.

You can create a romantic vibe by choosing delicate lighting. Picture hanging lights, running lights, and the classic candlelight. It’s also recommended that you choose soft hues as your color palette. This is where soft pinks and whites really work well. Delicate flowers and soft fabrics also help create a more romantic feel.

Modern Minimalist

One currently rising trend in wedding decorations is the modern minimalist style. A lot of brides go for this nowadays because of its simplicity. It’s also easy to pull off.

The modern minimalist décor is all about being clean and simple. It’s mostly composed of one or two solid colors paired with a couple of metallic ones. Incorporating geometric designs also adds more structure to the overall look. Mix it up with a couple of delicate flowers to soften the vibe and create a clean, but pretty modern minimalist décor.


If you are a bold couple, then a whimsical wedding decoration theme might suit you. This style is best for those who want to create a fun vibe for their wedding.

As the name implies, you can get bold and quirky with this design. While most wedding decors go for subtle tones, the whimsical style allows you to play with bold colors. Theres also no limit as to the props that you bring in. You can add in colorful balloons and just play with the colors.

Weddings Abroad

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you might want to take into account the culture of the country where your wedding will be in, and incorporate artistic elements of that culture into your decorations.

These are currently the most popular trends for wedding decorations. You can always draw inspiration from these themes and mix them up with your stylist or planner to create a vibe thats uniquely you.